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I help small businesses grow their presence on social media so they can generate more leads*1702615413399*1702489786758*Alan_logo*png?alt=media&token=095b5aea-294a-442f-a157-f803f5044087

Social Media Marketing For Salespeople

Get More Business with H.E.A.T. Method

Welcome to Persona Marketing, led by Alan Stern, a visionary entrepreneur and captivating public speaker. We specialize in empowering small business owners and sales professionals with the art of DIY social media marketing, enriched with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

By harnessing the H.E.A.T. Method, individuals in the business realm can transform their networking efforts by showing their personality in their marketing, while demonstrating their expertise. This is important because people don't buy from brands, they buy from people who represent brands. With humor, they become more relatable; education opens doors to new insights; adding value demonstrates genuine care, and trust is cultivated through authentic reviews.

Beyond surface-level strategies, the H.E.A.T. Method taps into cognitive science and the psychology of influence. When applied effectively, it allows individuals to bridge the gap between offline networking and online engagement seamlessly. By sharing valuable content consistently, they establish themselves as trustworthy and approachable figures, ensuring they remain top of mind.*1702615414700*1702493356306*Persona_image_004%252520(1)*png?alt=media&token=eceacf45-bfb0-4bff-ab49-7f642352e429

"When your marketing goes cold, drop some H.E.A.T."

Alan teaches you how to utilize

The H.E.A.T. Method

Create a personal connection by using Humor, and you'll have a message that sticks. When people laugh, they tend to remember what made them laugh.
Position yourself as a resource vs a salesperson by using Education in your marketing, doing this allow you to generate leads by solving problems.
Introduce something of value to your network, and they will remember the source. This is how you stay top of mind outside of business.
Nobody can sell you better than a satisfied customer, collect and repurpose testimonials so that your clients can brag about you and spread the word.



Leveraging Artificial Intelligence: 
Easy as 1-2-3

Learn how to:
Identify problems that cause your prospects to reach out to you help you understand how to create opportunities
Create urgency by learning the consequences of not solving those problems... helping your prospects
Create content that resonates with your target audience in two minutes or less by leveraging technology.

The byproduct of working with Persona Marketing

As a managing broker of a real estate company, I have promoted Alan Stern and Persona Marketing to all of my agents. Alan's systems truly help people in their day to day marketing and social media presence which has lead to more business and a huge ROI in their investment. This marketing helps the agents stay top of mind and relevant without spending a fortune. It has been instrumental in the growth of many of my agents and to help them understand how social media can be effective in strengthening their relationships with their clients and sphere of influence (SOI). Technology will not replace what we do as professionals, but we can better understand and embrace it to help nurture our relationships, and thats exactly what Alan's systems do. I continue to promote Alan's events because I truly believe in the service that he provides for all service professionals.

- Christopher Stephens

I had the opportunity to hear Alan speak live at his event "Drop Some H.E.A.T." and then took his "3-Day Crash Course."

Social media is not my favorite thing but Alan has taught me how to make it easy and super fun!
Working with Alan has allowed me to focus in on my target market with Humor, Education, Adding-Value and Trust. Since incorporating Alan's methods into my business- I am connecting with my ideal target market regularly. In turn this allows me to do what I love most, impact them with financial planning.

Alan has taught me how to uplevel my DIY marketing skills on canva with the use of AI. My previous marketing was time consuming content creation and graphic design. As a busy business owner and mom of twins, my marketing is now done more efficiently and effectively.

- Jennifer Radostits

As an insurance agent, I have always been aware of the importance of a being able to market myself and my agency to reach potential clients in today's digital age. Recognizing this need, I decided to partner with Alan Stern to learn how to become the best possible One Man Content Machine and grow my business.

I am delighted to share my experience working with them. From the outset, Alan demonstrated a deep understanding of my goals and worked with me to make sure I fully understood how to get the most out of my marketing efforts. When he walked me through the HEAT method, I was able to see the vision as to how working with Alan was going to help my business in ways that I did not realize were possible.

One of the aspects I appreciated most about working with Alan is his transparency and communication. Alan made everything easy to understand and made sure to check in with me to make sure that I was able to fully implement the things he taught my team and I. This level of communication helped build trust and confidence from everyone on my team while working with Alan.

The results speak for themselves. Since partnering with Alan January 2022, my agency has generated over $46,000 in premium through his methods. Not only has Alan helped me attract new clients, but I have been able to drastically improve my agency’s brand awareness.

Additionally, Alan has proven to be flexible and adaptable while always being more than willing to adjust strategies based on what I was looking for and anything new in Alan’s toolbox. This agility has been instrumental in staying ahead of the competition and maximizing our ROI. In conclusion, working with Alan has been a game-changer for my insurance agency.

His expertise, professional humor, and commitment to achieving results have made him an invaluable partner to myself and my team. I highly recommend Alan to any sales professional looking to grow their business while having fun at the same time.

- Matt Harrold*Untitled%20(2)*pdf%20(2)*png?alt=media&token=1d8a4bc0-03a8-420d-8722-b9c36ead1daa

About Alan's Presentation For Business Growth

Small business owners, along with real estate, mortgage, and insurance sales professionals will be delighted when they attend Alan’s educational and entertaining presentation that shows them how to “stand out from the crowd” on social media! You will learn how to use high-impact social media marketing through “freemium apps”, and by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) - in a way that simplifies this new technology.

Alan makes it easy for you to walk away with usable skills to grow their social media audience and reach target markets more effectively to increase their bottom line - without paying for costly marketing services!

Alan teaches how to utilize his H.E.A.T. Method to humanize brands,” that is in line with his core philosophy: “People don’t buy from brands – they buy from the people who represent brands."*1000038659*png?alt=media&token=16c181c7-1216-468e-98e3-7f9a592c40ac

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Alan presents at company or association conferences and trainings, or other events where his expertise in digital marketing and AI will be valued and welcomed by guests. Thank you for your interest!*1702615418670*1702574403005*St-Steven-New-01*png?alt=media&token=f33f54fd-56f2-40f7-a147-13eedff4d96d
Alan Stern is represented by St. Steven Public Relations and can customize his presentations to be tailored to his audiences. Contact Publicist Melanie Santostefano to inquire about booking Alan for your next event.
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